A.D.I. is dedicated to a program of global environmental management encompassing day to day activities in the factory as well as those related to the lifecycle of our products. These safety practices regarding the environment and sustainability are reviewed on an on-going basis and are implemented at 3 different levels.

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Product Design
Steel is the major component of our products, representing 80% of the weight of our chairs. We do not use wood in the internal structure. Overall, 96% of the weight content of the chair is recyclable. The components of the chairs are designed to be easily dismantled. We do not use staples on the covers. All of our products carry a lifetime warranty and can be recovered on-site thereby extending their useful life.

Manufacturing Processes
No toxic solvents are used during the manufacturing process. We recover and control all emissions and dust in the factory to eliminate air pollution. Industrial wastes such as steel, paper and cardboard are recycled using local firms.

We purchase components made up of a high percentage of recycled materials. Steel is made up of 35% recycled material and cardboard or packing has 90%, while plastic has 20% and aluminum 60%. We offer a line of fabrics that is 100% recycled. Overall, 31% of the chairs we make are made of post-industrial and post-consumer recycled materials.

In March 2011, Bouty obtained GreenGuard Indoor Air Quality® and GreenGuard Children & Schools® certifications for all of its products to facilitate LEED recognition.

ADI achieves Level II Certification. More details here.
certification Level II